The Unification Theological Seminary Alumni Association (UTS AA) was founded in December, 1990. It is a non-profit corporation and is tax-exempt under New York State and Federal law.

The UTS AA is committed to remember and honor the vision of the UTS Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and to serve the alumni and alumnae who have graduated UTS. The UTS AA also seeks to recognize and embrace the many people around the world whose lives have been touched by those graduates. It is also important for the UTS AA to embrace the friends and families of alumni, plus the many staff and faculty members who have worked so supportively to provide UTS students with the environment and the education to prepare them for their service to the world.

The UTS AA website provides a vehicle for stories to be told, for memories to be shared, and for future paths to be explored.

Mission Statement

The Unification Theological Seminary Alumni Association (UTSAA) is an independent, worldwide organization that:

  • Connects alumni/ae to one another and to UTS.
  • Builds networks among alumni, their families, friends and colleagues, former staff and faculty, and other organizations and scholars who share mutual interests and objectives.
  • Creates initiatives, and develops programs to nurture lifelong relationships and to further the personal and professional development of its members.

Association Goals

  1. Build and maintain strong relationships within the alumni community, with UTS and with related organizations, promoting fellowship through alumni-sponsored events, outreach, and programs.
  2. Maintain effective administration and sound financial operations.
  3. Celebrate alumni achievement and milestones, by creating an awards program and recognition events.
  4. Inform alumni and friends about the Association through a communications program, including a web strategy and regular news reporting to increase alumni engagement.
  5. Develop and maintain a marketing plan for a strong membership program.
  6. Maintain, update and manage the Alumni records database.
  7. Represent the interests of graduates and former students to the UTS Board and the UTS Administration.
  8. Assist with the UTS student recruitment effort.
  9. Establish a mentoring program through which alumni can offer their experience to graduates, current students and prospective students.
  10. Regularly evaluate programming.

Association Values

  • Excellence in all aspects of our work
  • Mutual respect and fairness
  • Courteous, ethical relations with colleagues
  • Individual growth and development
  • Conscientious citizenship and constructive engagement in civic life

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