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What is Real Love?

Imagine that I tell you I love you. I smile at you, speak kind words to you, and perhaps even present you with a gift of some kind. Understandably, you enjoy this, as we all would. Five minutes later, however, I storm into the room describing …

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Passages in Caregiving ~ Turning Chaos into Confidence

Don Sardella (UTS’80) recommends this book Passages in Caregiving- Amazon by Gail Sheehy        “I didn’t expect this.” No one really expects it, but at some time or another, just about everyone has been-or will be-responsible for giving care, for a sustained period, to someone close to them. …

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Losing Iraq- A Frontine, PBS documentary

Video – Losing Iraq

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Dr. Paul Swanson ~ Bruce Sutchar (UTS’85)

We first met Dr Paul Swanson in the early 1980’s when Dr. Jenkins began a dialog with theologians in Chicago called the “Pastoral Research Association.” At the time, Dr. Swanson was a professor of Marriage and Family Counseling at the Lutheran Theological Union at the University of Chicago. I first met Dr. Swanson when I did my seminary […]

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Interviews with two UTS D.Min. students ~ Richard Panzer Ph.D.(UTS’79)

Time to Reflect, Gain Skills- Even for 2 Working Mom Pastors! I am pleased to share with you the following interviews with 2 Unification pastors, both working moms, who are newly enrolled as students in the Doctorate in Ministry degree program …

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An Ethically-Morally Flawed Messiah? ~ Lloyd Eby Ph.D. (UTS’77)

November 4, 1999 The received tradition in Christianity has held that, in order for an individual to be the messiah, that individual must be morally/ethically perfect. In fact, Christianity, in its first several hundred years of development, came to the doctrine that Jesus was/is God primarily because it was thought that the task of salvation […]

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Virtue for the Week: Trust

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Quote of the Week: Adams

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.” ~John Adams

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Life is very precious ~Pastor Michael Yakawich (UTS’87)

Friday, August 15th Today, I will conduct a funeral for a 38 year old young lady. She has two girls (8 & 15). She found out she had cancer last year (I conducted a funeral service for her Mom a few years ago). The grandfather, William, called and asked for my services. He and his […]

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails for Millennials

Millennials are the heart and soul of the Internet, because, unlike prior generations, they grew up with it. Getting their attention online can be tough.   A simple Google search reveals loads of information on the Internet about content marketing strategies, Millennials, and …

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