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Introduction and Overview of Returning Resurrection and the various Reasons why We might Return by Michael Callahan (UTS’04)

Session #1 of the “Planning your Returning Resurrection” conference   Introduction and Overview of Returning Resurrection Show video 73 ( see links below) Returning Resurrection (7.33 minutes) Note the similarities and differences (if any) in the video compared to the DP text itself.  “Original’ Return “If there was no fall and no need to resurrect, […]

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True Religion: To Love thy Neighbor by John Gehring (UTS’84)

A Time of Great Transition In the summer of 1991, the European nation of Hungary was in the early stages of a massive transition from a communist state to something refreshingly new. People who had been longing for change found themselves empowered with new freedoms and opportunities. …

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Job Opportunity for UTS Alumni: WestRock Family Church is seeking a new Pastor

WestRock is situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley about 25 miles north of New York City. We are a Local Church of the Family Federation for World Peace and most of our members reside in Westchester, Rockland and Orange counties.   Our community of about 150 families is a colorful cross-section of Unificationists embracing the […]

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God’s Physical Development of the Human Being by Henry Christopher (UTS’80)

From God’s conception of humans, to the evolution of the human physical form; the introduction of the eternal human spirit and soul; the Fall and descent of Man and God’s Providence of Restoration; to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth   According to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, God was born …

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“The Returning Resurrection of St. Francis of Assisi” by Dr.Warren Lewis

Brief Outline of the Life of St. Francis of Assisi 1181/82—born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernadone; nicknamed “Francesco” by his father, Pietro di Bernadone, a wealthy silk merchant of Assisi. Lived the high life of a rich man’s son, played at poetizing in the Courtly Love tradition, went to war (1204), was captured, was called […]

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Is “Returning Resurrection” Acceptable to Christianity? by Theodore Shimmyo Ph.D.(UTS’77)

The Divine Principle teaches that even after you pass away and happen to go to a low level of the spirit world because you unfortunately have not lived an ethical enough life on the earth, you can still “return” spiritually to an earthly person, most likely your bereaved spouse or descendent, for your needed spiritual […]

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Barrytown/UTS is True Parents’ Signature Project and Sacred Property in America by Donna Ferrantello Ph.D (UTS’82)

  Dear Alumni and Friends:If we consider the American Providence today, the ABEL UN is the premier International and National project of True Parents for providential work in America. Next to that, there is Unification Theological Seminary on the Barrytown Property and then perhaps The Washington Times. UTS …

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The 2013 UTS Alumni Conference, Saturday December 7th UTS, NYC

The 2013 UTS Alumni Conference at the UTS NYC Campus or  through UTS web conferencing FREE THIS YEAR’S CONFERENCE THEME IS “PLANNING our RETURNING  RESURRECTION” *how to prepare for the work that we face after death* Saturday, December 7th …

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Quote for the Week: Lehman

“We must first become patriots of a small plot of earth, then a watershed, then a township, a county, a state. We must love, and love deeply, the people around us and the earth we stand on. Only then can we be in the real and truest sense patriots of a nation, and hopefully of […]

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Solutions Mastery – an Algorithm for Emotional Life Fitness by Karen Smith D.Min. (UTS’83)

  Revolutionize how you deal with life’s challenges, crisis, problems and stress so you can get on living fully! This Algorithm for Emotional Fitness and Intentional Change provides the framework for leading an exciting and fulfilling life aligned with what you really want. It provides you with the knowledge and some of the tools needed […]

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