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“What Unificationists Believe: A Glimpse at the Core Teachings of the Unification Church”

By Larry Moffitt Got a text message from a dear friend of more than forty years. I have known her family since they were grown-ups, and I was in Robert E. Lee High School in Midland, Texas. Katie: Tell me the one good source book of the tenets of the …

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A Unified Theory of Pope Francis – unlocking a spiritual mystery ~ curated by Robin James Graham (UTS’80)

Re-tracing Jorge Bergoglio’s journey to forgiveness. by Kurt Shaw  ON MARCH 28, 2013, only two weeks after he was elected, Pope Francis celebrated Holy Week in a jail in Rome. For the previous thousand years, hundreds of popes had re-enacted Jesus washing the feet of …

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Flag Day and the birth of the Army of Freedom ~Dennis Jamison (UTS’78)

June 14 celebrates flag day as well as the birth of the army. George Washington and the Continental Army Cross the Delaware SAN JOSE, Calif.,  June 14, 2015 …

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Remembering Father: A Poetic Tribute ~ Lloyd Howell (UTS’78)

  By Lloyd Howell To “remember Father” is to remember what it is to love, to remember how to give unconditionally, to remember how to laugh when weary and burdened and how to press on in the face of enormous obstacles. The writing …

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What I Envision as Transformational Leadership Development ~Don Sardella (UTS’80)

(A re-cap of the audio/workbook program based upon the book “Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge” by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus) This program is an exciting journey of discovery about the principles of effective leadership. In this final section, we discuss the ultimate result of inspiring leadership and …

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Virtue for the Week: Accountability

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Quote of the Week: Forker

It never stops amazing me … How many thousands of times in my life my heart has been completely broken. Yet through support from loving friends, God keeps picking me up and sending me off to tend to other broken-hearted, resilient ones. Once on the path no choice but to find a way! …

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Evolution And The Coming Interspiritual Age: A Conversation With Kurt Johnson ~curated by Robin James Graham (UTS’80)

An interview with Dr. Kurt Johnston (a former professor at UTS) by David Sloan Wilson of  The Evolution Institute.     Kurt Johnson is a rare specimen. He is an evolutionary biologist who specializes in the taxonomy of butterflies and has named hundreds of species. He was …

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Appreciating a Parent’s Love

By Michael Josephson While window-shopping in New York City, I saw an old gold watch that reminded me of one my father gave me when I graduated from college. It had been engraved with the simple inscription “Love, Dad.” But it was stolen during a burglary years ago, and I hadn’t thought much of it […]

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War and Peace in the Information Age ~ Bill Gertz

  [The following remarks of Dr. Bill Gertz were prepared for his acceptance speech to trustees, faculty, alumni and and gathered friends upon receiving an honorary doctorate on May 23 at the Unification Theological Seminary]  

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