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Forgiveness- a letter from Lenni Hassinen (UTS’78)

There is a problem. There is no mechanism for forgiveness in all the Divine Principle. Even though God’s love is unconditional, all the Unification members are occupied by how to “pay indemnity”. From God’s point-of-view there is nothing to pay for, simply because God’s love, as I mentioned, is unconditional. Because this unconditional love from […]

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Webinar on social media – heads up

Dmitry Vilchitsky (UTS ’07) will be presenting a series of webinars on social media. The first intro webinar is “How to promote your company/non-profit with free Google tools: 10 things to know before you start” It will be  about Google search: how people are using it how companies benefit from the traffic that comes from Google […]

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Jan 29th update on David Kim

I talked with Gavin Hamnett and Martin Porter in the last couple of days to get the latest news on David Kim. Both report that he is feeling much better. He is “up and about.” He went our for lunch today. Martin says they will have their regular lunch date together on Tuesday. Grandpa Kim […]

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Robin and Robin

Robin Musiol (UTS ’85) and me , Robin Graham (UTS ’80). We spent a couple of hours working together on the phone last Sunday (January 23rd). We were checking her alumni email list against my UTS AA directory email list. For some years now, there has been a UTS Alumni group in the Mid-Atlantic region. […]

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Alumni Map

You may have noticed a new feature in the sidebar: Alumni Map. If you click on the link you will currently see 3 entries. A couple of alumni in North America and one alumnus in South America. This is to give you a taste of things to come. This will help give “life” to the […]

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UTS Alumni Association Funding

You may be a preacher, a missionary, a social worker, a chaplain, a teacher, a lawyer, a businessman, a stay-at-home mom, a working mother, or a father. All of us are dealing with real life situations: the disappointments and the joys, the set-backs and the successes. Through it all, UTS alumni are bonded together …

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Latest News about David SC Kim

The UTS Alumni Association received this news today from Dr. Tyler Hendricks: ” I visited Dr. Kim today at Vassar Brothers Hospital. As always he knows what he wants to communicate: 1. Pray for him; 2. He has accomplished his life mission completely; 3. He will be able to go home on Saturday. He is […]

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David S.C. Kim in Hospital

Today, President David SC Kim was admitted to Vassar Hospital, Poughkeepsie. He was apparently suffering from some internal bleeding. He is resting comfortably in room 780 and will be receiving a blood transfusion tomorrow and should be going home tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Sam Gheberial took him to the hospital …

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Kayembe Kalamba, UTS Alumnus (MRE, 2001) passes

Rev. Kayembe Kalamba, UTS Alumnus (MRE, 2001), ascended 3 days ago. He worked as the national leader of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Born on May 7, 1953. Died on January 3, 2011 With his family, he started a program Era of Africa. Information on […]

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