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Mentoring opportunity

A Unificationist college student is completing his studies at a community college in the New York area this year, and is planning to transfer to a 4 year college. His interest is Anthropology and especially Biological and Forensic Anthropology. Are you a UTS alumnus, who is willing and able to mentor this young man? I […]

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Progress on Barrytown college project

Progress on the Barrytown College project, specifically in 3 areas: 1) Creation of a draft Values/Vision statement developed by John Redmond and Amy Cuhel-Schuckers (UTS ‘ 83) [see below] 2) Research into bank loans and bond offerings has shown that several banks are interested to make loans and an investment firm thinks that the proposed […]

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2011 Barrytown College Phone Survey Results Submitted to the President and the Board of Directors Unification Theological Seminary by Josephine Hauer, Ed.D. March  24, 2011 Introduction After reviewing the findings of the …

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What if….? Britain and Korea in the Providence. A Brit perspective……

by William Haines UTS ’92 (previous versions have appeared in and on William’s FB page) Moon should have married an English lady In one of his passing comments at the Original Divine Principle (ODP) workshop, Reverend Yoo said that Father Moon should have married an English lady, and that his wedding should have been […]

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Blessing in Marriage of Eddy and Jennifer

by Pastor Mike Yakawich (UTS ’87) On Saturday, March 19th, 2011 at 6 p.m. I was honored to conduct a Blessing in Marriage ceremony for Eddy and Jennifer. After eight 1- hour marriage preparation sessions with this couple, over a period of two months, their wedding ceremony took place at the Billings Grand Ball Room […]

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THOMAS JEFFERSON’S CUT-AND-PASTE BIBLE – Our third president sought to separate the words of Jesus from the ‘corruptions’ of his followers.

First published in Wall Street Journal, March 25th 2011 By STEPHEN PROTHERO Last November, in response to protest, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery removed a video installation depicting ants crawling over a small crucifix. This coming November, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will exhibit a cut-and-paste Bible of a mere 86 pages. Were it […]

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The “No Enemies World Tour” rolls on!

Greg Davis (UTS’89) plays Red Hook The Taste Budds scene                     Mike and Reiko Mickler                   Greg at Taste Budds

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The “Guess the Alumnus” Game

Read the following article and make your choice. All are UTS Alumni. Each earned doctorates at Harvard Divinity School. Enter comments below. Is the author talking about: Box #1 Anthony Guerra UTS ’78 ?  [Harvard ’86] Box #2 Thomas  Selover UTS ’77 ?  [Harvard ’84] Box # 3 Andrew Wilson UTS ’78 ? [Harvard’85]  

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“CIG Politics: Creating a Headwing Movement.”- upcoming seminar: April 9th

On September 7, 2008 those present made a pledge, during the “Special  Gathering to Commemorate True Parents’ Substantial Resurrection,”  to reexamine the long-term plan to fulfill the vision of creating Cheon Il Guk (CIG) .. the Ideal Heavenly Nation of Eternal Peace by 2013.  With less than two years to go, the question remains: how […]

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Want to be a MENTOR?

How to be a Good Mentor Have you ever felt judged by someone whom you thought was listening with the intention to help you? When mentoring others, you can avoid giving this impression by avoiding the language of judgment. Here are some examples of what NOT to say: “You should….” “Yes, but….” “Either/or” “There’s only […]

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