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VISION by Robin Graham (UTS ’80) and president of UTS AA

  Me, Patricia (UTS'80) with my son and Ranger, Lt Jeremy Graham, currently in Kandahar. The UTS Alumni Association board of directors had a meeting on April 14th. The chairman challenged the board members to look again at and re-evaluate the vision of …

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Father Speaks To UTS Graduates (January 1993)

This is an excerpt from unofficial notes taken at the meeting with seminary grads in the Grand Ballroom, New Yorker on January 28, 1993. UTS graduates should be leaders in the Heavenly Kingdom. A Kingdom needs leaders. The Unification Church is a Heavenly Army, but without leaders an army has no meaning, it is irrelevant. […]

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First Annual Alumni Meeting in Alaska ( August, 1996)

With less than a week’s notice, 67 alumni made the journey to Alaska in August to attend a 10-day workshop of lectures and fishing. The culmination of the experience was three days of fishing and picnic lunches with Reverend and Mrs. Moon. Barbecued halibut and sashimi …

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Meeting With UTS Graduates At East Garden (April, 1998)

Heaven wants to give the blessing to all Christians in America. God wants to eventually mobilize 3,000 ministers for education. Then each will multiply by 100, to make 300,000 ministers. American patriotic people and groups should provide substantial support for The Washington Times, which is the nation’s newspaper, championing traditional Christian and family values. Christians […]

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True Father Speaks To UTS Graduates (April 17, 2005)

Since 1977 the 1st class in UTS how many graduates now? There are about 1,500 graduates, if all 1,500 graduates can go to 50 states (30 /state), how much these people can digest Christian ministers? But where are they now? America don’t remember where they came from and which direction they should go. You went […]

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Eighth Annual Forum of UTS Graduates in the UK

This has been an annual event now for eight years so has something of a track record that we can look back on. The meetings started as a reunion of UTS graduates in 2004 and has gradually evolved into a forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences relevant or of interest to Unificationists. It […]

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LOYALTY. Does being loyal to your country or family mean it is the “best in the world”?

Reprinted from the Wall Street Journal, April 25th 2011 Loyalty: The Vexing Virtue By Eric Felten (Simon & Schuster, 309 pages, $25)   Eric Felten’s contributions to The Wall Street Journal go back more than 20 years, to an op-ed article in April 1990. Since then Mr. Felten has written …

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Invitation to the Pastoral Inauguration of Ratna Thillairajan (UTS ’84 and ’08)

You are cordially invited to the inauguration of  the new Pastor of the Toronto Unification Church, Rev. Dr. R. Thillairajan  (UTS ’84 and ’08) . The event will take place at the Toronto Family Federation for World Peace Building. Thillai and family                   Date:  …

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6th Annual Barrytown Rd. Spring Clean Up

Jonathan Brundrett, left, John Schmitz and children cleaning up Barrytown Rd. last year.                 The 6th annual Barrytown Rd. clean up will take place this coming Saturday, April 30 in co-ordination with the Red Hook Spring Clean …

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Holy Days … a message from an atheist for the atheists amongst us (Yes, there are UTS Alumni who have declared their atheism)

A HOLIDAY (EASTER) MESSAGE FROM RICKY GERVAIS: WHY I AM A GOOD CHRISTIAN Ricky Gervais The title of this one is a little misleading, or at least cryptic. I am of course not a good Christian …

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