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A High Honor by Pastor Mike Yakawich (UTS ’92)

On Sunday, June 19, 2011, the city of Billings, Montana held a re-dedication ceremony of the city civic center, Metra Park Rimrock Auto Arena, which was destroyed by a tornado on Father’s Day a year ago in 2010. To prepare for this ceremony, the county commissioners called upon the Billings Clergy Association (BCA) to organize […]

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Looking for UTS Graduates who are Teachers by Richard Moore (UTS ’84)

“I would like to find a way to reach UTS graduates who are teachers. I would like to find and organize with any other teachers to share with them, and to learn, how to participate with the current school organizational systems.  We need not only work for the educational system, we can also begin to […]

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LOCATE A PERSON: Mark Wells by Carl Verderber

Hello, I am Carl Verderber and I’m the Maintenance Supervisor and Head Technician at UTS in Barrytown. The reason I am contacting UTS Alumni  is I need your help to track down the person in the photo on the right of Mrs. Moon! I understand this person is Mark Wells who worked at UTS in Maintenance and in the Boiler Room […]

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2nd UTS Barrytown Speakers’ Forum: Presentation on Bering Strait Tunnel “Peace Project”

UTS adjunct professor Dr. Mark Barry gave an interesting and revealing slide show presentation at the 2nd UTS Speaker’s Forum in the Massena Mansion in Barrytown on Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s daring proposal to build a rail link between Asia and North America across the Bering Strait, which divides Russia from Alaska. [caption id=”attachment_2061″ align=”aligncenter” […]

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  William Haines UTS '92 Based upon the paper “Society, Community and the Unification Tradition” presented in May at the UTS Alumni Forum  in Bonsal, Derbyshire UK 2011 A healthy discussion on this topic is at:   Recently a memo signed by True Parents was issued which contained …

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Dr. David S.C. “Grandpa” Kim is home in Poughkeepsie, NY by Tony and Donna (UTS ’83 and ’82)

Our UTS President Emeritus is now home in Poughkeepsie, NY. Dr.David S.C.Kim is 96 yrs.old and now his beloved wife has passed on. Let us give him love and communication. He really appreciates relationship with alumni and friends. Send him pictures of your family and let him know how you are doing. Please pray for […]

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Where are the Principles of Creation being used in the Unification Movement? by Stephen Stacey (UTS ’90)

Stephen and Barbara Stacey     (UTS ’90 and ’90)   I want to come from another angle, asking why we seem to be in a challenging situation in the Unification Movement in the first place. We have these awesome Principles of Creation – …

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