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Ninth Annual Forum of UTS Graduates in the UK

“Religious Faith in a Secular Society: Antipathy or Coexistence?” Saturday 9th June 2012, The Village Hall, Bonsall near Matlock Bath, Derbyshire SCHEDULE 10:30 Opening remarks Don Trubshaw 10:35 First session – The Spiritual within the Social Graham Simon: The future of religion: consensual spirituality Peter Hayling: The democratisation of spirituality Discussion 11:30 Coffee break 11:45 […]

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The Future of Religion: Consensual Spirituality (Slides) by Graham Simon

The age of organised religion is passing. From now on existing religions will decline and new ones will find it difficult to gain traction. Yet, people need spirituality and new forms of organisation and practices will emerge to address these needs……( more) Graham Simon

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No division between religious and secular in Unificationism by Shinji Gyoten (UTS ’92)

Topic: “Religious Faith in a Secular Society: Antipathy or Coexistence?” Living, working and participating in society as a religious person Reverend Moon’s teachings seen from the viewpoint of Confucianism

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Social Evolution, Individuality and the Construct of Value-Worlds by Don Trubshaw (UTS’89)

Abstract The dizzying rate of change is bringing a focus on fundamental values that is bypassing the traditional concerns of epistemology within philosophy and the historical/political issue of the religious/ secular divide. This focus points to an emerging view of social evolution driven by a transcendent view of individual identity ….. (more) SOCIAL EVOLUTION, INDIVIDUALITY […]

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Virtue for the Week: Devotion

Devotion is commitment to something we care about deeply.  It is a passionate focus on our life’s purpose. It is wholehearted service to an endeavor that we love. Devotion to those we love is a promise kept in daily ways to care for one another always. Discernment is the first step in discovering what is […]

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Alumni and Friends’ Birthdays Today and this Week

Steve Kearney June 29 Greg C. Agulan June 29 Hobin Lee June 30 Robin Musiol July 2 Kazuhiro Mita July 2 Jack Ashworth July 4 Abdou Gaye July 4 Frank Perley July 4 Paul Saver July 5

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Free Teleconference Replay for the Virtual Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The E-Myth! from Don Sardella (UTS ’80)

Michael E. Gerber on a Free Teleconference Replay for the Virtual Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The E-Myth! Fellow UTS Alumni and Friends For those of you who wanted to listen to this interview with best-selling author, speaker and worldwide entrepreneurial leader, Michael E. Gerber, I invite you to listen to this replay of the interview […]

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Quote of the Week

Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. Pericles

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Reflections on the Origin of God by Henry Christopher (UTS ’80)

Scientists say that the universe is made of energy, and that it originated from energy. But this is not so. An electric current does not flow just because there is potential energy. Electricity is generated through action. And before action, there must be a plus and a minus  — that is, a subject partner and […]

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Alumni Weekend, Barrytown

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