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Strong Abel and Freedom Society by Anthony J. Guerra Ph.D. (UTS’78)

A Powerpoint presentation: I. The Roots of the Teaching in True Father’s Words II. Freedom Society and the Garden of Eden Strong Abel and Freedom Society, Anthony J Guerra Ph.D. What does True Father say about the much exalted Jesus ethic of “turning the other cheek?” Abonim  in Wolli Won Bon is quite clear on […]

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A Study of the Formation and History of the Unification Principle by Jin-choon Kim Ph.D. (UTS’95)

Journal of Unification Studies Vol. II Jin-choon Kim is Dean of the College of Theology and Pure Love at Sun Moon University, Korea, as well as an Assistant Professor there, teaching Divine Principle and Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Words. His education includes a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Minnesota in 1993 and an […]

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October and November: North America local alumni meetings to discuss UTS Alumni Association – Program Development Areas

In the last session of the UTS Alumni Weekend, Eric Wenzel led a dynamic discussion. This helped us to identify program areas which need development within the UTS Alumni Association.  The areas were:  Strategy, Meetings, Finance, Youth, Communication, Education, Spiritual Well-Being. A next step in planning is  that UTS alumni meet throughout the USA and […]

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Quote of the Week….. a bonus offer of 2 quotes this week !

“Each of these six things—authority, ritual, speculation, tradition, grace, and mystery—contributes importantly to religion, but equally each can clog its works.” -Huston Smith, The World’s Religions “The goal of spiritual life ‘is not altered states, but altered traits’.” -Huston Smith

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Internship: a pilot model at Barrytown, Summer of 2012. Reported by Claire Redmond.

Barrytown Renovation Internship Report Summer 2012 July 23, 2012 “Become more”:  these are the guiding words behind the Barrytown Renovation Project, a brand-new summer internship at the Unification Theological Seminary. This 8-week property management program seeks to train interns how to maintain an authentic life of faith while honing their professional and technical skills. It […]

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Catching up with Cathy Morse (UTS’89)

Catherine Morse Fish for Self Workshop with Catherine Morse Sunday, July 29, 2012 9:00 AM Montagu Bay, Hobart An exicting, fun and creative workshop to explore deeply seated beliefs and stored emotions. Learn how to release and free the body …

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Divorcé’s Guide to Marriage

Study Reveals Five Common Themes Underlie Most Divorces By ELIZABETH BERNSTEIN Wall Street Journal, July 24 2012 Sometimes it takes going through a bad marriage to figure out what makes a good marriage. Five strategies for a successful, happy marriage from divorced people who learned these lessons the hard way. Elizabeth Bernstein has details on […]

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Virtue for the Week: Purposefulness

Purposefulness is being aware that each of us is here for a purpose. We value our lives by discovering the part we are uniquely meant to play. We discern our intention and focus on it mindfully. We visualize it happening. We set goals and achieve them step by step, resisting distractions. We give each task […]

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Conscientious Common Sense….Sang Ik (Papa-san) Choi, an early UC missionary to USA. The 2012 version?

To My Fellow Conscientious Brothers and Sisters, First, let me welcome you to the Human’s Club. Human’s Club Happiness has eluded mankind long enough. We have sought to become just people and by doing so create healthy families, prosperous companies, and peaceful societies. The result, however, has been strife and chaos. As conscientious people, we cannot […]

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The Leader Will Judge Us By The Preparation We Have For Him by Young Oon Kim

June 1967 Washington, D. C. New Age Frontiers Collected advice from Young Oon Kim Young Oon Kim (1914-1989) was a leading theologian of the Unification Church and its first missionary to the  United States. Kim was a professor of religion at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea. After she joined the Unification Church, church founder Sun …

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