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Report: Rev. Moon’s health condition worsens

By Cheryl Wetzstein The Washington Times Friday, August 31, 2012 Unification Church head and Washington Times founder the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been moved to a private complex in Korea where he can be surrounded by family as his health has taken a turn for the worse, a Unification Church leader said. The 92-year-old evangelist has been […]

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Keynote Address, “Abel Women UN” Inauguration Assembly

The last public speech our Founder,  Sun Myung Moon, made before his hospitalization. In introduction, he said: “I’m not sure when I can speak to you again in such detail like today.” Keynote Speech Inauguration of the Abel Women UN July 16, 2012 I wish to extend …

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Virtue for the Week: Tact

Tact is telling the truth kindly. We think before we speak, aware of how deeply our words affect others. When our words are weighty, we weigh our words, knowing they have the power to cause pain or to uplift. A harsh word to an intimate is like a grain of sand in their eye. An […]

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Quote of the Week: Bill Hybels, Founder of Willow Creek Community Church

If someone had tried to tell me thirty-five years ago that my effectiveness as a leader would often hinge on something as “inconsequential” as word choice, I’d have rolled my eyes and written them off.  ” As long as I can convey an idea in general terms that everyone can understand,” I would have said, […]

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Why the Quartet* Turned its Back on the Middle East by Andrew Wilson Ph.D. (UTS’78)

August 28, 2012 World Policy Journal September is fast approaching, and with it another Palestinian bid for recognition at the United Nations. Last year, when the Palestinians made their case for statehood to the UN Security Council, the world community responded diplomatically through the Quartet of the U.S., the EU, Russia, and the UN, attempting […]

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Germany’s Circumcision Police

by Shmuley Boteach Wall Street Journal, August 31st 2012 There was a head-spinning moment in Germany last week: News emerged that a rabbi had been criminally charged for performing his religious duties. Rabbi David Goldberg of northern Bavaria, who shepherds a 400-member community, is the first person to run afoul of a ruling by a […]

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  Sunset at Gettysburg Haunting photo of the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA taken on November 29, 2011, from the Union position on Cemetery Ridge just as the sun was setting over the field of battle memorialized by Pickett’s Charge

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UTS Alumni Networking

The UTS Alumni Association is supporting Fall 2012 Networking Meetings Location Facilitator Westchester Eric Wenzel Central New Jersey ? Bridgeport  Josie Hauer San Francisco Don Sardella Washington DC  ? Red Hook/Barrytown  ? Chicago  ? Indianapolis Jack Harford Philadelphia Jeff Kingsley Detroit  ? Seoul  ? Tokyo  ? London  ? ?? From mid-September to mid- November. Recommended for a Friday night. Local groups set their own date and location. Ensure there is adequate space for participation. for smaller cities a home may be appropriate ( maybe bring in take-out). for larger cities a restaurant or other public venue may be best. Meet old friends, make new ones, explore ideas and build personal & professional connections. Facilitated by UTS Alumni, Fall networking events are open to alumni,  and friends of alumni. There are possible topics for […]

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Quote of the Week

“ Imagination is more important than knowledge. ” — Albert Einstein

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Virtue for the Week: Accountability

Accountability is the willingness to stand in responsibility for every choice. It is acting with integrity, doing what we say we will do. When we make a mistake we do not seek to hide it or avoid it. We have the courage to face it willingly. We are open to the lessons it can bring, […]

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