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Quote of the Week

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God Doesn’t Want to be God Anymore ~ Michael D. Hentrich D.Min. (UTS’79)

The last thing he wanted to do was be exiled from our lives as some kind of “god” and forced to observe us from afar like Santa Claus, watching us through a magic telescope.

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Spiritual Resilience ~ William P. Selig D.Min. (UTS’81,’12)

As a chaplain, it’s a special blessing to be present with patients, family and staff and to guide them in their journey to draw on their own unique sources of spiritual resilience and to deal with the dark valleys of life.

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Identity Studies in Service of a Classical Education

….a classical education should help students to see how their many identities can and should be integrated according to right reason so that they can develop those life-giving friendships necessary for a full and fulfilling life, most importantly, of course, their friendship with God.

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Before you knew you owned it ~a poem by Alice Walker

But expect nothing.

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Virtue for the Week: Purity

Purity gives us a clear conscience and a peaceful soul.

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Who Was Paul Revere and Why Should You Care?

Do you know who Paul Revere is? He is one of America’s key historical figures. Want to know what he did? Eric Metaxas, New York Times #1 bestselling author, shares the remarkable story.

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Providential Necessity of the Only Begotten Daughter ~ Andrew Wilson Ph.D. (UTS’78)

At this time, there needs to be a fundamental revolution in attitudes towards women.

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Quote of the Week: Weiss


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Customer Loyalty

….loyalty is built one great experience at a time, and more than 70% of what makes a customer experience great comes down to the behavior of frontline employees.

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