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The Birth of American Music ~ David Eaton

…..the idea of musical cross-fertilization can be said to be in accord with Cheon Il Guk: two becoming one. This, again, is what our founder suggested in the juxtaposing of varying styles and genres. Assimilation has been the American way, but we can easily ascertain it’s the heavenly way as well.

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This 75-Year Harvard Study Found the One Secret to Leading a Fulfilling Life

Here’s some wisdom gleaned from one of the longest longitudinal studies ever conducted.

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For a New Beginning ~ John O’ Donohue

…..your soul senses the world that awaits you.

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One Korea ~ Paulo-Juarez Pereira (UTS’79)

” The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.”

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The Battle for Dominion over Time: Thailand’s Many Calendars ~Ron Brown Ph.D.

Calendars are ideally essential instruments in uniting followers into a distinct people, but in the case of contemporary Thailand, the various calendars employed by its diverse religious groups have become instruments of division, conflict, and even warfare that risk tearing the country apart.

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Quote of the Week: Buffett

…..a terrible mistake to bet against America…

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Virtue for the Week: Wonder

When we live reflectively, we delight in the signs and wonders that appear in our lives.

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The Obscure Religion that Shaped the West

It has influenced Star Wars and Game of Thrones – and characters as diverse as Voltaire, Nietzsche and Freddie Mercury have cited it as an inspiration. So what is Zoroastrianism? Recommended by Wayne Miller (UTS’89)

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Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Shuttering at a Record Pace

Years of overbuilding and the rise of online shopping have come to a head; malls as ‘energy suckers’

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Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

What was the Korean War? And why was America involved in such a faraway conflict? Was the United States’ sacrifice–35,000 killed, over 100,000 wounded–worth it? Historian Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, shares the fascinating story of the transformative war that many have forgotten.

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