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The world will find stability only when all men and women stand in the position of powerful co-creators, internally connected to Source, grounded in the soul to the vaster universe and infinite wisdom.
Then there is going to be no more need for idols, no more need for giving one’s power away to a religious or political figure because of a lack of trust in one’s ability.
Then, also, there is going to be no more need of worship. People only worship another when they feel incapable, worthless or disconnected themselves so there they are, in admiration and adoration of someone who “is” the one they could only dream to be.
What an insult though the One who created them. “Don’t you know who you are?” may be whisper in their ear. “You are the son /daughter of the Most High also. Have you forgotten who you are?”
That is the tragedy of humans. They have forgotten who they are. They think they are weak, helpless, incapable of connecting–mind you, the church , since the beginning of Christianity has reinforced this concept to cash in and sell salvation– and this has been the greatest tragedy.
Jesus said:”Greater things you will do.” He did not say:”I am the great one, you and generations after me will kneel/bow to worship my eternal greatness.”
No, he said:”Greater things you will do.” So he wanted his followers to internalize his message, connect their Source–God within– and transform the world as powerful, loving, compassionate healers.
I believe we live in a time where this lie is coming to an end and many are coming into their own power. The world will be transformed by all stepping into their power and when they quit feeling small and embrace that they are being of infinite possibilities.
Only then will the world truly be transformed.

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