God’s Physical Development of the Human Being by Henry Christopher (UTS’80)


From God’s conception of humans, to the evolution of the human physical form; the introduction of

the eternal human spirit and soul; the Fall and descent of Man

and God’s Providence of Restoration; to the establishment of the

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth


According to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, God was born out of love, decided to create humankind because He needed a partner in love, but had to conduct a Providence of Restoration shortly after Adam and Eve came to earth due to their Fall. Today, we look for the resolution of that Providence so that we can finally enter into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in the spirit world.


So, how is that going to come about?


I am neither theologian nor scientist, medium or seer. I am just an armchair philosopher with more time on my hands, after I went from UTS Admissions Director to weekend security guard after the Seminary was forced to move to NYC. In the last two years or so, every Friday and Saturday night in the guard booth at Barrytown, I began contemplating things that have puzzled me for a lifetime, like: Where did God come from? How can He be everywhere at the same time? Will the universe come to an end or keep expanding? And other such cosmic questions.


In the quiet and solitude of the booth, with only the deer, fox and squirrels watching, I started to come up with some answers, which satisfy my sense of reason and logic.


Before we begin, let me warn you to not take the following as a “new truth”, and don’t ask to join my new movement, because there isn’t any.


Let’s go back to the origin of God, and see how things developed to where we are today.


According to Rev. Moon, God began His existence “ . . . Because of the seed of love in which there was a subject and an object, and out of this one seed of love came God. Just as you began as one seed of love from your parents. This one small seed then multiplied. So God was made from one single love cell and from this came the entire universe.”  —October 21, 1990
 Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York



We might conclude that these cells of subject and object began multiplying like a nuclear explosion, and at some point reached a critical mass, and the consciousness in each one combined to give birth to the consciousness of God. And so God is Love, and the mass of these every expanding cells of love are His “body.”


After God was born from Love and realized He felt a desire to have a partner, He experimented with changing the orbit, angle, direction and speed of the ever expanding units of subject and object partners which makes up His being, creating sensations that pleased Him. These sensations could be categorized into five fields of sensations. Next, he envisioned a universe populated with beings similar to Himself which would have the ability to transmit and receive these five categories of sensations.


In fact, by manipulating the stuff that God is made of in such a way, He could create out of Himself, the spiritual world and the physical universe, populating it with organisms, plants, insects, birds, fish, animals, angels and humans, all of which could relate, communicate and interact with each other, because they all have in common the same makeup of subject and object units, and the ability to transmit and receive the five categories of senses. And of course, we humans would become the partner He desired.


In this process, in order to create His ideal physical human body for His partners, God worked over many billions of years creating the physical universe, our solar system, and the earth. Then He began the detailed development of the geology and life on earth, which scientists have studied and categorized into different ages and periods.


Around 240,000 million years ago, God brought forth dinosaurs in order to work on the physical body on a large scale. By altering their genetic code, He could refine the functioning of their nerves, muscles, bones, organs, systems, brain, etc. until he was satisfied with the results, around 66 million years ago when the dinosaur went extinct.


By 55 million years ago, the Cenozoic Age dawned, with the arrival of mammals, which was also when the continents moved into their present positions.


Now God could further refine the anatomy of apes in the same way He experimented with dinosaurs. By 15 million years ago, God developed homonids out of the apes. They were the forerunners of homo sapiens—homo habilis, homo erectus, etc. These creatures began to look and behave more humanlike, as God continued to engineer their physical make up, as  He further developed the functioning of their five senses, their ability to make and use tools, speech, and so forth.


In this way, God finally developed anatomically-modern humans from archaic Homo sapiens in the Middle Paleolithic (the Stone Age when homo sapiens made tools from stones), about 200,000 years ago.

Modern humans, Homo sapiens, the scientists say, evolved in Africa from around that time, and then migrated into the Middle East around 125,000 years ago.


My guess is that it was at this time in history, that God chose a homo sapiens male and female, and when they gave birth to a boy and a girl, He breathed the eternal spirit and soul into them, and Adam and Eve, the ancestors of humankind were born.


With the addition of the five spiritual senses, our Adam and Eve could communicate with God, the spiritual world and the Angels, and be taught by them. Their homework was to learn how to love each other unselfishly, love and care for the creation, and to love and follow God.


But after a very brief time, the Fall took place in the Garden of Eden, and humankind descended into darkness, as they lost the use of their spiritual senses, becoming much like the physical hominids they developed from, relying on their physical senses to live—in this way they became only half human, from God’s point of view.


What essentially was lost at the Fall along with our five spiritual senses? The natural ability to love unselfishly, to give first, to live for the other. This is the fundamental characteristic of that first cell of love that God was born from, which human beings should have emulated.


Ignorant of and out of touch with our loving God of abundance, and unable to love unselfishly as God loves, humankind has been living in a perceived world of danger, fear, conflict and shortages of everything. We have organized ourselves in countless forms of feudal lifestyles over time, where a few control the masses and wealth, and where conflict and distrust rule our interactions with each other.


Scientists say that modern man developed out of the Neanderthal man, who disappeared around 40,000 years ago, and the Cro-Magnon man who first appeared around that time. However, I suggest that these “cavemen” were descendants of Adam and Eve, much degenerated in spirit and flesh.


God’s Providence to restore humankind has been fundamentally an effort to bring humans back to being fully human. That is to recover our use of our five spiritual senses so that we can communicate and relate to God, and the angelic and spiritual world.


We seem to be in that age of human development after the Fall, and in that age of God’s Providence, where we can take the next step of awakening to the truth of our existence, and return to God in peace and love. But it could also be a point in the our history that we have reached before, and instead of stepping into the “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth,” we could wipe out our present civilization in war, and have to start all over again. This may be a cycle that has happened more than once in the past.


Therefore, it seems critical at this time that humankind makes that leap of faith back to a relationship with God by overcoming our ignorance and becoming fully human, by restoring our spiritual senses and “waking up” to reality of God and the true nature of His creation, and learn to love as God loves.

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