The recent networking event on November 6th in NYC was very inspiring. Those gathered heard about the many projects which UTS alumni are involved in.

Not everyone wants their project or business to be made public, so we have honored those requests. The UTS Alumni Association keeps names under wraps if requested to do so.

For those who came to NYC, there is now an opportunity to build upon the successful meeting. Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Hold alumni meetings in small groups. Attendees at the NYC event could meet in local groups e.g. Long Island, New Jersey, or Westchester County.
  • For those who came from a distance, see if you can organize a meeting in your area. Try to keep in touch with local alumni, building relationships etc

Try to repeat the same experience and build upon the format used in the NYC meeting

The UTS AA would also like to encourage alumni throughout the country to start small group meetings locally. If you are exploring the idea and want help to brainstorm and plan an event in your city or state, then please contact Robin Graham:

[email protected] .

During the holidays everyone gets busy, but maybe late February or March might be a good month to plan a get-together.

Please keep in mind that the UTS Alumni Association is not only limited to alumni.  The UTS AA encourages professional contacts and friends of alumni to be involved.  There are basically 4 levels of affinity.

1.       Alumni and alumnae

2.       Family, UTS professors, UTS staff.

3.       Colleagues and friends ( They may be interested in the UTS affiliation, but are primarily connected through the alumnus or alumna)

4.       Contacts  (Only connected through the project/business. Probably made aware of projects  through social networks e.g FB)

I am continuously trying to improve the database. If you are in contact with fellow alumni, please ask them to update their contact informationa and profiles at

Looking forward to your feedback.

Robin Graham UTS’80

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