November Interfaith Efforts for IRFWP by Frank Kaufmann Ph.D. (UTS’79)

About IRFWP (Inter Religious Federation for World Peace)

The IRFWP is an international, interreligious organization with a 35 year history overseen by an executive administration and a multi-religious board of advisers.


The mission of IRFWP is to establish inter-religious councils that serve municipalities, nations, and the United Nations.

IRFWP councils comprise enlightened, peace-seeking religious leaders and scholars from all world religions, who consult and collaborate to offer wisdom and guidance to social, political, and economic leaders to advance peace, prosperity, and wholesome life at all levels.


During the early weeks of November 2013, IRFWP director Frank Kaufmann spent time in Europe pursuing projects and relationships to advance the work of the Federation.


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