Report to UTS Alumni on Goals and 6 month results June-November 2010


UTS Alumni Association Goals

Build and maintain strong relationships within the alumni community, with UTS and with related organizations, promoting fellowship through alumni-sponsored events, outreach, and programs.

  • Since and including the 30th reunion of the Class of 1977 in 2007, the UTS AA has financially supported the 30th class reunions of 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • The Professionals Networking Day, November 6th

Maintain effective administration and sound financial operations

  • Since 2008 brought UTS AA into compliance with IRS and NYS Charities Bureau.
  • Since June 2010, Robin Graham UTS’80 is president of UTS AA
  • Opened a bank savings account.
  • Helped to raise $8,587.36 for Poughkeepsie House repairs.  (David Kim lives there)
  • Helped to raise $1991.00 Heart for Hana (Nancy Bulow’s child, Hana, is bipolar. Nancy is a UTS’82 graduate)

Celebrate alumni achievement and milestones, by creating an awards program and recognition events.

  • UTS Alumni Awards for Distinguished Achievement
  • Memorial service at annual Alumni Reunions for those alumni who have passed.
  • PND recognition that UTS Alumni serve on many “front lines.” E.g. geographically around world Afghanistan, Middle East, Europe, South America, Africa. Also in a wide variety of careers and responsibilities – Families, NPOs, Hospitals, churches, youth organizations, businesses, legal practices, politics.

Inform alumni and friends about the Association through a communications program, including a web strategy and regular news reporting to increase alumni engagement.

  • . Up and running in July 2010. Launched in August
  • Directory: A directory of all alumni with available names/data. This is password protected.  Each approved alumnus/a may enter and add/change their personal data. Access is currently limited to alumni only. Emails are not publicly shown on the directory, though alumni can contact each other through email (a level of protection).
  • Calendar: Events can be posted. November event is posted
  • Professional links: For those alumni who have a business, service, profession and would like to advertise this to the UTS alumni community
  • Projects: For those alumni who have a non-profit  or project which they are engaged in (at least at an executive level) which they want to report to the UTS  alumni community
  • Forum: A discussion page.
  • News/updates: The Cornerstone and UTS Alumni updates are on the front page of the web site and also archived. The news can be scheduled for delivery to the alumni email list (linked through, see below). The current plan is for a monthly Cornerstone and for weekly or bi-weekly UTS Alumni updates.
  • Costs involved: $310 /  $250 web site development, $50 hosting per year, $10 URL fee per year
  • Mailchimp: an email marketing program. Synchronized with the web site. Current cost is $15 per month (500-1000 email accounts unlimited monthly email distribution).

Develop and maintain a marketing plan for a strong membership program

  • In August, began identifying a geographical framework of UTS Alumni i.e. by region in USA and internationally. By January/February 2011, a map to be placed on web page to show where UTS Alumni are located. (Identified Alumni REPS are in CAPS)
  • Hawaii DON ARCHER and SERGIO ALCUBILLA (Future Pacific Islands)
  • West  North  (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska) MIKE YAKAWICH
  • West  South    ( California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico)  DAVID ROSENBLUM
  • Mid-West North  (N Dakota, S Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) JACK HARFORD
  • Mid-West South (Kansas , Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas,  Louisiana, Texas , Mississippi) ?
  • Mid- Atlantic  (DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia) ROBIN MUSIOL
  • South East `(Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida) JOHN DOOSE
  • North East  (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts)  ?
  • UK?
  • Japan?
  • Korea?

Maintain, update and manage the Alumni records database.

  • Directory at . Alumni have access once registered. Currently 648 accounts with email addresses. Of the 648 only 284 have actively opened newsletters. Also, not all alumni have filled in directory profile.

Represent the interests of graduates and former students to the UTS Board and the UTS Administration.

  • UTS president (non voting) sits on UTS AA Board
  • Communication by UTS AA president with UTS president, lobbying for recognition of UTS graduates and their interests. Lobbying UTS Board members to influence Board Chairperson [and supporting church (UC)] to hire/retain UTS graduates

Assist with the UTS student recruitment effort.

  • Nothing yet

Establish a mentoring program through which alumni can offer their experience to graduates, current students and prospective students.

  • A mentoring program started in late September. Alumni to alumni. Dmitry has 2 mentors: 1 for church/pastoral, 1 for business/social. Questions? Ask Dmitry. Have suggested the alumni to UTS student program. 2 more mentors have already volunteered. No UTS students have requested to be mentored yet.

Regularly evaluate programming.

  • The results pf PND networking event reported will be in the Cornerstone .
  • Examples of emails from UTS Alumni which have been successfully delivered and opened

Sept Cornerstone, Sept 8 edition        217 opens 33% of email base

David Kim, Sept 9 article                        284 opens 45% of email base

Kerry Pobanz, Sept 12 article               261 opens 39% of email base.

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