Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living”

  • Don Sardella (UTS’ 80)

    As we are all trying to peacefully wrap up the year (I assume that that is a safe assumption) and prepare for 2012, many, like myself, feel called to reflect back and plan ahead. Even though the annual calendar is a man-made way to mark time, many have found it helpful to think again, knowing what we now know.


    With so much change and transition happening so fast at so many levels, I think that this is wise. As the expression goes, though everything in life most certainly doesn’t always go according to plan, it always go better with a plan, to which we can refer along the way and revise accordingly, so that our map better matches the increasingly informed and updated territory of our most important pursuits. To that end, I offer you a reflection/planning sheet that has served me well.


    As one of my favorite pastors repeatedly says, “may the rest of your life be the best of your life” – looking forward to a banner year in 2012 – best yet to come.

    Some Suggestions for Reflection and Planning

    December 2011

    In preparation for your Best Year Ever in 2012, may we suggest you invest time/energy to consider the following questions, based upon your current perspective and experiences.


    We particularly recommend you schedule and invest at least one uninterrupted hour for this exercise and that you do it in writing.  We would be happy to discuss your results with you, if you think we can help.  This written exercise is designed to make your time, your life and your mission count even more, now and forever into your future.


    A Quick Debrief and Summary of your professional work for 2011:


    • How is it going?  What have you been able to accomplish and fulfill?


    • What is working?  What is not working?


    • What are you learning?  What wisdom have you gained?


    • Which of your leadership and performance skills do you believe require more focus?


    Your Goals/Plans for 2012, as a next step for your Future:


    • What are they exactly?  In what order?


    • Why are you so motivated to accomplish them?


    • Do you consider them truly doable?


    • What major challenges do you expect to encounter?


    • How will you handle those challenges, if they occur?


    • What do you think is most important for you to learn at this point in time?


    • From whom and/or where can you learn this most effectively?


    • How do you intend to think/act differently that will allow for your accomplishments?


    • With whom might it be helpful to partner in order to accomplish your goals?


    We congratulate you in advance for investing your time.  This exercise is intended to serve your sense of fulfillment and the accomplishment of your goals for 2012 & beyond.


    If you have any questions or suggestions or would like further guidelines,

    please feel free to contact me at 925-609-6441 or [email protected]. Thank you.

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