Thank you Tyler Hendricks (UTS’78)


Tyler Hendricks Ph.D. lives  a 4G life.

He is passionate for God, Guitar, Golf and Gardening.  At the end of the 2009-2010 academic year Dr. Hendricks stepped down as President of UTS. [ Richard Panzer Ph.D. was recommended to be the next UTS president  by HSA-UWC and this was accepted by the UTS Board of Trustees].

The UTS AA, on behalf of all the alumni, expresses its thanks to Dr. Hendricks for his service to UTS . He steered UTS through some very challenging and turbulent times in the last decade.   Below are  his career and academic highlights. Dr. Hendricks is  now actively pursuing his next career goals. He works for  Lovin’ Life Ministries in NY City and in parallel is teaching a course at UTS Manhattan: The Next Generation of Unification Ministry  Dr. Hendricks is an Asst. Prof. of Church History and Ministry at UTS. He is also training to become a chaplain.

Former positions

  • President, Unification Theological Seminary (May 1, 2000- May 31, 2010)
  • Senior Pastor, New Jersey Family Church (Jan 1, 2001 – Dec 31, 2001)
  • President, HSA-UWC America (May 1, 1995 – April 30, 2000)
  • Senior Pastor, Manhattan Family Church (Nov 1998 – May 1999)
  • Vice-President, HSA-UWC America (Jan 2, 1989 – April 30, 1995)
  • Regional Coordinator, HSA-UWC, New England (Jan 2, 1987 – Jan 1, 1989)
  • AssistantDirector , International Religious Foundation, including Director of International Conferences for Clergy, Assistant Director of the Assembly for the World’s Religions, and Director of the Religious Youth Service (Nov 1984 – Jan 1, 1987)
  • Founding Editor, Dialogue and Alliance (IRF, 1986)
  • Assistant Director, CARP America (Sept 1983 – Nov 1984)
  • Director, HSA Ocean Church (June 1983 – Sept 1983)
  • Director, IOWC, Edinburgh, Scotland (July-August 1978)
  • Missionary, HSA-UWC America (Jan 1973 – Sept 1976)
  • Semi-professional musician, San Francisco Bay Area (Sept 1970 – Jan 1973)


  • Ph.D. Religion,Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN, 1983
  • M. A. Religion, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, 1980
  • Diploma in Religious Education, Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, NY, 1978
  • B. S. Mathematics, University of California, Davis, 1970


New World  Encyclopaedia articles: Ayn Rand, Charles Grandison Finney, Jonathan Edwards, Resurrection, Indemnity, Predestination, John Lennon

“Shopping in Cheon Il Guk: Economics in the Unificationist Ideal World,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 7 (2006)

“The Storyteller,” a review of Alan Jacobs’ The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis, in World & I, January-February 2006; pp. 81-84.

“Unification Politics in Theory and Practice,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 6 (2004)

“Exploring Principled Directions for Church Development,” Today’s World (July, 2004)

“Growth, Diversity and the ‘One Body’,” American Clergy, Summer, 2004)

“Church Growth through Start-Ups and Satellites,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 5 (2003)

English language editor, Cloud of Witnesses (New York, NY: FFWPU, 2003)

Managing Editor of the English translation, Lee, Sang Hun, The Report on the Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Communists (2002)

Editor, “Hawai’i Notes” (unpublished manuscript circulated via the Internet, 2002)

Editor of the English translation, Lee, Sang Hun, A Seminar in the Spirit World for 120 Christians Who Illuminated History (New York: HSA-UWC, 2002)

“Why Grow? Isn’t Jesus Coming on the Clouds?” in Lee, Rev. In Hoi, Creating Personal Vision: Building a Healthy and Growing Community of Faith (Washington, DC: Washington Family Church/FFWPU, 2001)

Editor, “Report: Small Church Growth Conference” (New York, NY: Young Jin Moon Charitable Foundation, 2001)

“Unificationism in America: Models of Success” in Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 3 (2001)

Editor of the English translation, with Andre Wilson, Lee, Sang Hun, Teachings of the Four Saints (New York: HSA-UWC, 2001)

“Building a Genesis 1:28 Family: Practical Lessons for Study and Discussion at Home and in the Church,” Set of six videos and workbooks (New York, HSA-UWC, 2001)

Family, Church, Community, Kingdom: Building a Witnessing Church for Working Families (New York: HSA-UWC, 2000)

“UViews” a monthly series of some 80 articles on Unification theology and social issues, Unification News (July 1994 — 2000)

Editor of the English translation, Koo, Sung Mo, Who Is He? (New York: HSA-UWC, 1999)

Editor of the English translation, Lee, Sang Hun, Life in the Spirit World and on Earth (New York: HSA-UWC, 1998)

“Creating a Faithful Christian Marriage,” “The Communion of Marriage” (with Michael Inglis), “Empowering Christianity Through True Family Values” (with Michael Inglis and Andrew Wilson) and other True Family Values Ministry curricula (New York: HSA-UWC, 1996-1997)

“Tough-minded Eschatology in Charles Finney and Sun Myung Moon,” in Shimmyo, Theodore and David Carlson, Explorations in Unificationism (New York: Unification Theological Seminary, 1997)

Editorial advisor, Exposition of the Divine Principle (New York: HSA-UWC, 1995)

Editor of the English translation, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Blessing and Ideal Family (New York: HSA-UWC, 1993)

“Equality and Order in the Unification Ideal Society” in The Establishment of a New Culture and Unification Thought: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Unification Thought (Tokyo, Japan: Unification Thought Institute, 1991)

“Confession of Faith,” in Thompson, Henry O., What is Truth? A Matter of Perspective (Barrytown, NY: Unification Theological Seminary, 1989)

Editor, Songs of the Garden: For Worship, Celebration and Fellowship (New York: HSA-UWC, 1989)

Author/compiler, Assembly of the World’s Religions, 1985 (New York: Paragon House Publishers, 1986)

Co-author with Andrew Wilson and Hugh Spurgin, Text for the Divine Principle Slide Show (New York: HSA-UWC, 1986)

Co-editor with Frank Flinn, Religion in the Pacific Era (New York: Paragon House Publishers, 1985)

“Some Factors Involved in the Early Rootage and Flourishing of Protestant Christianity in Korea,” in Flinn, Frank and Tyler Hendricks, Religion in the Pacific Era (New York: Paragon House Publishers, 1985)

“Voluntary Association, Intermarriage and ‘The World of the Heart’” in Henry O. Thompson, Unity in Diversity: Essays in religion by members of the faculty of the Unification Theological Seminary (New York: Unification Theological Seminary, 1984)

“Charles Finney and the Utica Revival of 1826: The Rise of a New Religious Paradigm,” (Doctoral Dissertation, Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion, 1983)

Redactor, God’s Warning to the World: Reverend Moon’s Message from Prison (New York: HSA-UWC, 1985)

“A Proposal Concerning the Image of God in Process Theology,” (Masters Thesis, Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion, 1979)

Musical Albums

“Avoid a Void” (1991)

“Center Music” (with Atsuko (Tsuruta) Ezaki, 1988)

Personal life

  • Born in Red Bluff, California, October 24, 1948, to Jack and Mary Jane Hendricks, of Presbyterian background and a fourth generation Californian
  • Joined the International Re-Education Foundation (Unification Church), Oakland, CA, Jan. 20, 1973
  • Blessed with Hye Yong Lee of Seoul, Korea, July 1, 1982; five children and one grandson
  • Passions for God, Guitar, Golf and Gardening


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