UTS is hosting a conference entitled “Ontology and the Heavenly Parent” ~ November 1-3, 2013



On the weekend of November 1-3, the Unification Theological Seminary (Barrytown) will be hosting a conference entitled “Ontology and the Heavenly Parent.” It will feature a cosmic discussion on the nature of God and His/Her relationship with human beings in this new era that opened after Foundation Day. Those of you who have been following the messages from Heavenly Mother already understand that on the foundation of True Parents’ victories, God is now liberated to develop a great many new and exciting possibilities to move in the hearts and lives of human beings. 

While some may take this is only a claim, I and the people I know and love are seeing and experiencing evidence in our life of faith which confirms that it is substantially true. We can do our Heavenly Parent a great service by providing Him/Her with a foothold for new ways of being and acting in the created world. 

This is exceptionally important content for us to learn about and discuss together as we seek to renew ourselves and the church. The program will leave ample opportunity for discussion and Q&A. I have attached an invitation and a registration form with all the details. Please send me your completed registration by October 25 deadline so we can make all the necessary arrangements.

For those who are interested in additional opportunity to meet Mr. Chris Krefft, the medium who will be facilitating the communication at this conference, he will also be at a meeting in Delaware on November 11. That meeting, entitled, “Forgiveness — the way Forward for the Unification Movement” will focus specifically on the renewal of the Unification Church. For further information, please contact Glenn Strait at  [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wilson Ph.D. (UTS’78)


Ontology conference invitation

Ontology conference Reg_Form

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