Why Spiritually Oriented Education is Important? ~ Lorman Lykes (UTS’81)

heart and brain that walk hand in hand

heart and brain that walk hand in hand

Part 1

     Much of the world’s problems are rooted in the separation of people from their spiritual origin.  Regardless of the religion or faith that people ascribe to, most established religions explain mankind’s history in terms of a creation scenario.  The details of the creation stories may vary in different religions; however, their similarities are the point.  The common thread in world religions is a supreme being who initiates the sequence of creation and completes the process by creating human kind.  Regardless of the faith or religion, whether it was ancient or recent, any version of the creation story gives credence to the case for humans needing to know where they came from and gives purpose to where they are going.

Who are we then?  Since we did not get here by our own volition, who or what caused us into existence must have envisioned a purpose or our lives would be meaningless.  The purpose of religion has been to give meaning to our lives, which has been its mission for the last 6000 Biblical years.

Unfortunately, the last 6000 years have been a series of triumphs and calamities as humankind has experienced wars, famines as well as democratic freedom and economic prosperity on the journey to an ideal society. When we think about the current situation in the world, it’s hard to comprehend how religion can ever fulfill its mission of educating and restoring the human spirit that originated from God with the intention to live in peace and happiness. We need to ask the logical question: are 6000 years enough time to get it right or are we as created beings missing a key element to our created purpose?

Let’s imagine the time, some 2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ appeared on earth as the savior of all mankind. Whether you are a Christian or not, the words of Jesus have endured as a legacy of peace and love for our fellow humans and have paved the way for Western Civilization as imperfect as it may be. It is ironic that the effort put forth by Christian Evangelicalism in the last 20 centuries has not created a nation, town or even one person who is as perfect as Jesus was in heart and mind.

As a Unificationist, I have thought about this from the perspective of the current degree of spiritual Enlightenment of members as compared to committed Christians.  Some 47 years after the first Blessed Couples were established, has anyone of the thousands blessed since then declared to have succeeded in reaching the spiritual enlightenment of Jesus or dare I say Father Moon?  I am not pointing this out to be critical but to make the point of being cognizant that unlike Christians, Unificationists had the privilege and opportunity to be trained by the Master with the goal of becoming a son or daughter of God.

It becomes of greater importance now, since Father Moon has ascended, to take a critical look at the spiritual education imperatives we received and determine how they compare to our personal spiritual goals and objectives. Could there be more to understand and contemplate if the mandate of an ideal world, as proclaimed by Father Moon, is to be believed or achieved?   We have not yet reached our greatest, God-given potential of spiritual enlightenment.  We are still on a spiritual journey; like the Israelites at the door to Canaan, more effort is needed to gain entrance.

End of Part 1

Part 2

The Mystery of Jesus’ Mission in the East

     I would like to use the historical example of the Israelites 2000 years ago, but first let’s go back even further to 577 BCE in ancient Tibet.  This was the year Siddhartha Gautama was born who later became the Buddha.  Even though he was not in the Judeo-Christian tradition of faith, Buddha was very advanced spiritually for his time as a person who taught the philosophy of taking personal responsibility for enlightenment by becoming one’s true self of love, peace and altruism.  While Buddha was building his following in Tibet and later India, God was using another group of people dominated by the Roman Empire.  The Israelites had been nurtured and prepared, as the Old Testament explains from the time of “The Prophets” to be the landing site for the coming Messiah.

Creating the conditions to receive Jesus was the focus of God’s providence at that time but God was preparing not just the Israelite people. If the Israelites were prepared to receive the Messiah, is it possible that Buddha and his teaching were prepared to educate the future nation of God once Jesus had been excepted by the Jews?  Wouldn’t God have prepared a long-range plan for the Chosen People after their acceptance of Jesus.  The possibility that the Israelite’s future course could have been East of the Roman Empire in Tibet is a logical next step.  If Jesus would have lived and died a natural death, he still would not have had the time on earth or organization necessary to educate the Jewish people in the three generations at minimum that it would have taken. The Jewish people were not prepared to build a nation of peace based on their Old Testament view of the world; ex. “an eye for an eye.“  It would have been left up to Jesus’ disciples to find a way for them to transition from a captive people mentality and their 4000-year-old culture to a new social and political order based on true love from a Heavenly Parent relationship as they grew and expanded Eastward.

God’s plan was for the victorious Jewish movement now inspired by the teachings of Jesus to move East and be influenced by the Buddha’s teachings probability after being persecuted and pushed out of the Roman Empire.  Why?  Because God’s plan for the success of the Jewish Providence, like the prophesies before them, had to go through three stages of growth to be completed. For the Jewish people to become the model for a world family and a world of peace, they had to shed their wilderness and exclusive mentality that had allowed them to survive to that point; it would have been replaced by a unifying world embracing heart. Thus, standing on Jesus’ victorious foundation was only the first stage in a three-stage process in God’s plan.

It is reasonable to conclude that to build a God-centered Kingdom it would take more people and more education to challenge the World established power of Rome.  This was logical considering the gigantic task of expanding the kingdom worldwide; a job too big for one people.  So, the providence of God moving East would have gained momentum with the addition of diverse people and the next level of spiritual education.  Also, God would not have wanted to limit the salvation He had prepared to only encompass the Jewish way of life.  Consequently, what better way to multiply His blessing then to prepare different races and nations with different missions for the building of a new God centered society.

This is all speculation based on Father Moon’s words that a victorious Jesus would have spread Christianity Eastward instead of West into Europe and Africa.   Therefore, I will speculate on what the possible third step would have been.

End of Part 2

The Great Parallel: Life after Jesus and Living after Father Moon

 Part 3

What would have been the third journey of the Chosen People of God after migrating to expand the Kingdom if Jesus would have lived?  We will never know exactly, but we can speculate from a few clues in history.  God would not have initiated the coming of His son Jesus without having a plan already to restore all His children all over the world. A perfect example of this is the possible preparation of the Americas as a part of the plan.

Archaeologists have been researching for decades the evidence that Native Americans are the descendants of East Asians namely Siberians.  A land bridge called Beringia that existed during the Ice Age 15,000 years ago, between Asia and Alaska was the route.  These people would have been the relatives of the Asians that the Jewish people would have mixed with if they had journeyed East.

Another indication that America was prepared is in the history of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.  They believe that Jesus appeared in Latin America to the Lamanites people who saw a resurrected Jesus.  The subsequent relationship and appearance of Jesus was recorded on the Golden Tablets which has become the bedrock of the Mormon religion.

Controversy in both the scientific and the religious aspects of these theories abound today.  However, for Unificationist there is a point to the hypothesis that Jesus’ mission would have traveled East.   As I bring this essay to a conclusion I would like to point out something so obvious that it may have been overlooked.   According to the Divine Principle the Second Coming of Christ was born in Korea. The DP justifies this as a providential necessity based on culture, time and Bible prophecy.  I would like to add another providential reason – the future course of a victorious Messiah.  If Jesus’ path ended with the prospect of a victorious Messiah going East then Rev. Moon started where Jesus left off; in the East.  If Jesus was to prepare the Jewish people with a new education that they would have received in the East from Buddhist teaching this would explain the Divine Principle’s emphasis in Chapter 1 on individual perfection, the unity of mind and body, the growth stages of spiritual development and many more Buddhist concepts. If the third stage of Jesus victorious mission after his death was to go to the Americas, would not this parallel Rev. Moon’s devotion and committed for 40 years in the United States?

In these three installments, I have tried to make sense of the future of our movement as it transitions from a church of blessed couples to a vibrant federation of spiritual seekers enveloped in true love on the path to direct dominion with Parent God.  This transition is already taking place in many blessed families around the world.  It is not organized but is organic because it is happening one by one as God works with individuals.  These individuals are what I call Omnividuals.  The path to perfection is not a destination but a state of mind. Perfection is the name we give to something that belongs to God and since God is eternal thus is our journey on the Path.  It does not matter what you call it if it is connected to God’s love and purpose.

Since you have read this far you may ask what was the point of this essay?  Simply, it is to say: not to be comfortable with yourself because as soon as you get comfortable you are standing still on the Path. I started out this essay by stating that,” Much of the world’s problems are rooted in the separation of people from their spiritual origin.”  This is a gentle reminder on the origin and mission of three historical men who endured great suffering because they believed it was God’s Will for peace on earth and that they could change the hearts of mankind to create it. As this blog continues, I will explore avenues of spiritual development from Buddha, Jesus and Father Moon that may challenge you, what you believe and who you are.  The purpose is to make you uncomfortable.  However, we have been on the road less traveled before … why stop now.


Who I am

I was born Lorman Earl Lykes in Detroit, Michigan where I attended Wayne State University, graduating with a B.A. in History.  With the ambition of being an attorney, I had my dreams dashed with the realization that the course of history aligned with the current geopolitical and economic turmoil showed no real hope for a change in the human condition – just more of the same.  As a result, I looked to a new vocation in the Unification Church as a domestic missionary.  In 1979, I attended the Unification Theological Seminary and graduated with a diploma in Religious Education.  Since that time, I married and raised four beautiful children as I traveled the world preaching and teaching that God has a plan for every person and every person has a connection to God.  The essence of who I am is contained in what I have learned and it has changed me profoundly.  Change is the constant that never changes.  The world yearns for the agents of change but first we must change ourselves.

Why I do this

If there was one thing I could change about myself it would be to have realized “who I am” early in life.  The average American person spends the first one third of their life fashioning a mental image of themselves based on subjective opinion of others, the media and popular culture.  These are all external influences that have been manipulated by strong corporate or cultural forces for their own purpose.  If you are fortunate, in due time you realized that you must take responsibility for your self image while settling for a life that is constantly being compared to the social norms.  There are of course many examples of non-adherence or rebellion to social pressures that shape our opinion of ourselves too but my point is not to bring judgment to anyone’s choices.  The point is how do you know what is the right choice for you?  Are you aware of all the options that produce happy life choices or is there something more?  I am doing this website to give you an often overlooked choice.  Consider the internal forces you have inside you like the heart and the mind just to name a few.  Could they be more vast that any external forces mankind has ever created but have yet to achieve their greater potential?  Science has undertaken exploring the power within the human heart as being an organ that does more than pump blood.  The internal heart and mind connection is the new frontier that sciences is just beginning to understand as the true source of human development and creativity.  One of the missions of Omnividual.net is to be an educational forum for discussion on how you can benefit from the new discoveries in the heart-mind era.  A new paradigm has emerged for human development and Omnividual.net. is on the cutting edge for this information.

What this website can do for you

It is only a dream when someone says to you that they can change your life.  Change comes from within and works its way to the surface.  By the time its obvious that a change has occurred, a transformation has already happened deep inside.  You are in charge.  Let’su,  take a journey and see how deep we can go.

First published on Omnividual.net

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