To Win Back What We’ve Lost: How Defenders of Religious Freedom Are Fighting to Reclaim International Law




By Benjamin Bull

The last two decades have witnessed a growing clash between European secularism and rising Islamic immigration, which has brought an increasingly aggressive Islamic voice to the politics and culture of the continent. This surge poses a double threat to Christian religious freedom in Europe and North America.

The first threat is that Islamic (Sharia) law restricts the ability of Christians to evangelize or even speak critically on the topic of Islam. The second is that radical secularism’s counteroffensive to Islam proposes to eradicate all religious distinctions in favor of the primacy of the state’s interest in assimilated citizens. This, too, has produced increasing limitations on the free exercise of religion in Europe—including Christian religious freedom.


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Benjamin Bull is chief counsel and executive director of ADF International, an alliance-building legal organization that advocates the right of people to freely live out their faith.

First published in Public Discourse March 24, 2017

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