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The UTS Alumni Association received this news today from Dr. Tyler Hendricks:

” I visited Dr. Kim today at Vassar Brothers Hospital. As always he knows what he wants to communicate:
1. Pray for him;
2. He has accomplished his life mission completely;
3. He will be able to go home on Saturday.

He is welcoming, but it is not actually good for him to receive too many visitors. He needs to rest. The nature of his ailment means that he can neither eat nor drink–he is nourished intravenously. But it means he is thirsty., it is difficult for him to enunciate due to his dry mouth, he has lost weight and is weak.

The problem has to do with a blood thinner that he takes (“comiden”?), and that the determination of how much to take has to be very precise. If the blood is thinned too much, internal bleeding often results. He unfortunately has been using alka-seltzer and apparently the mixture of that with the blood thinner exacerbated this effect. So he has lost blood, and received a transfusion this morning and is recovering. But he is not strong right now.

Phil McCracken, Sam Gheberial, Robert and Laura Brooks, Martin Porter and other local members are giving of their time being present with him in the hospital. Also we have two local members, Barbara Robertson and Ichinori Tsumagari, who are chaplains at that hospital.

So again, his request is for us to pray for him; he asked that several times. I hope that our UTS alumni worldwide can hear this message.”

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